Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Long, long ago,a lion, the king of animals was about to eat a juicy meal, when his morsel was snatched away by the eagle, the king of birds.this enraged the lion, and he declared war against the birds. At night, in the dark, birds can't see anything, so the animals started attacking them with stones and sticks.
     The birds being caught unawares, were badly injured and suffered alot of casualties.They were finally helped and taken to a safe place by the Owl, who could see in the dark.
   The Bat, who was watching all this, quitely folded it's wings and went to the lion, "My Lord" he said,"As you can see I am a relative of the mouse and I offer you my service, I shall fight with you even if it cost me my life."
   The lion was impressed by the Bat's courage and allowed h to join the animals' army.After a few day's rest, when the birds had recouped they decided to avenge their defeat one day, all of them took pebbles in their beaks and attacked the animals. The animals were taken by surprise and suffered alot of damage.
   Some birds were also bold enough to glide down and pinch the animals with their beaks and scratch them with their claws. The animals, however, finally took shelter in the caves and holes in the earth. the Bat who was seeing all this, quitely went with his wings spread out to the eagle and said, "Sir! you can see i am a bird and it's my duty to fight the animals with you. I shall serve you with all my might till my last day."
So saying, he now joined the birds.
    The animals again after some time waged war against the birds and again the Bat changed sides. This kept happening for a while. In the end, the animals and the birds finally realised the Bat's dual game. Both the animals and the birds realised the frutility of fighting against each other and made friends. They all bycotted the bat and since that day the bat feeling ashamed lives in the caves.

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